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Are you familiar with FORMS? Here is a feedback FORM, well a group of FORMS! The FORMS are fully functional so fill in and send the lot to me!

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That's all about FORMS, now I'm going to show how to make a simple TABLE, LINK and SHOW A PICTURE of my first computer
Altair 8800 - hjemmecomputer for et kvart sekel siden
Click here!

Here is an example of LISTS.

  1. This is a ROMAN numbered list!
  2. Continues...
  3. ...Again...
  4. ...The end.
    And finally...
  1. Well it has come to end ... !
  2. And here is another view of the famous Altair 8800 - the worlds first personal computer

    Altair 8800 - Verdens hjemmecomputer nr. 1

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Ole Kiilerich
DK-2800 Lyngby